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Our History

Our faculty was founded under the Gazi University in 25th August, 2003. In 17th March, 2006 the faculty was separated from Gazi University and has been continuing its education activities under Kastamonu University since then.

The faculty started its education activities with the two departments: namely, Department of Physics and Department of History. The first students to these departments were enrolled in 2003–2004 academic year. It was in the spring term of the academic year of 2006–2007 that the first students got their degrees as the first graduates of the faculty.

Education and Scientific Activities

In our faculty, there are currently 14 departments which are Archeology, Information and Records Management, History of Science, Biology, Geography, Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures, Philosophy, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology, History, Turkish Language and Literature.

In academic year of 2008-2009, Department of Biology and in 2009-2010, Department of Philosophy started their bachelor program and student enrolled to these programs in the same year.

Evening education of History Department’s bachelor program began in 2011-2012 and in the following year, Department of Philosophy admitted students to their evening program.

In 2013-2014, Department of Turkish Language and Literature opened both daytime and evening bachelor programs and in the same year Department of Mathematics accepted students for bachelor education.

Department of Information and Records Management and Department of Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures admitted students in 2014-2015.

Department of Geography will admit students in the academic year of 2015-2016.

In addition to bachelor programs, there are graduate programs too: while Physics has Doctoral and Master; Departments of Mathematics, History and Turkish Language and Literature offer Master programs.

Our faculty continues its education and scientific activities with 62 tenured faculty members (10 professors, 13 associated professors and 41 assistant professors),  26 research assistants (9 of which enrolled in ÖYP program) and 14 administrative staffs.

Education and scientific activities are carried out in 10 classrooms and 11 laboratories in Forestry Faculty’s and Faculty of Engineering’s buildings situated on Kuzeykent Campus.

Our Mission

As stated in our university’s strategic plan in 2010-2014, our mission is to raise individuals who are dynamic, researching, questioning, adopting universal values and sensitive to both national and universal problems.

Our Vision

As stated in our university’s strategic plan in 2010-2014, our vision is to be an education and research institution in the same class with qualified faculties in the world having a strong institutional culture and identity; in addition to have improved organizational ties with national and international world of science and technology.

Contact Information

Kastamonu University Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Kuzeykent Campus


Phone: 0 366 280 19 03

Fax: 0 366 215 49 69

Web: www.fef.kastamonu.edu.tr

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.